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We help you achieve strong returns and benefit from London’s track record of brilliant capital growth

Whether your searching for an investment property or look to create a property portfolio with high yield expectations, you can trust that Hulian provides a range of services uniquely tailored to your goals, plan and requirement. Our unmatched experience and network across London gives you a compelling advantage – Delivering a solution just for you.

Our team of experts only specialise in key pockets of London where high yields are identified, and specialise in helping you in every step of the way across:

Strategic Planning: We get to know you and understand you aims and objectives, and advise you on the current market conditions and suggest areas and investment strategies in-line with your budget to maximise your returns

Property acquisition: We view and short-list properties matching your criteria to save you time. We use our expert negotiating skills to secure the right property at a favourable price. We oversee all the fine detail such as tax, legal and compliance to ensure the purchase holds together until completion.

Property management: We let you enjoy all the benefits of owing your portfolio or property investment in London without you have to experience any of the headaches or pain. Designed to meet the needs of domicile & non-UK resident landlord, for the long term our teams of Asset Managers and accredited Tradesmen look after your asset, keeping it in optimal condition.

Property refurbishments: We have strategies for our clients that often identify properties below market value, which require full refurbishment. Our team focuses on the refurbishment process to achieve the maximum price for your properties’ re-valuation at a competitive price to reduce your expenditure and maximise your returns.

Residential & corporate lettings: Once your property is ready, we locate the most suitable tenant and set out to maximise your rental income and yield by attracting the highest quality tenant. Often we provide quality accommodation for our corporate clients.

Manage overseas client accounts: For customers who are overseas and offshore investors, we make owning properties in London easier by structuring all the acquisition cost and on-going bill, property lease and property maintenance payments.

Buy to let mortgage & independent financial advice, for domicile & non-UK residents: We recommend and help you achieve the most return on your capital. Our team of mortgage brokers have in-depth knowledge of mortgage criteria for buy-to-let mortgages for domicile residents. We have strategic relationships with banks that lend to non-UK residents. Our relationships help to process financing quickly, ensuring you completion on your investment purchase swiftly.